Creating the Perfect Place for Guests


When creating a space for your guests we often are working on the design elements and forget about the lumpy mattress our lovely overnight visitors will be sleeping on .  

Ellie Porter with Sleep Help. org  has shared all the things to look at when creating the perfect place for guests below........

You’ve designed the perfect guest bedroom, picked out the perfect furniture, and decorated to your heart’s content. Now, the last piece of the room needs to be picked out and purchased - the mattress.

Since you’ll want to be able to host everyone comfortably, your best bet is to pick a mattress that is at least a double bed. That way you can accommodate your larger friends, and their partners, without making them feel cramped.


Normally, you start the mattress hunt by figuring out the best mattress for the way that you sleep; but, since several different people will likely be sleeping on this one, you’ll want to choose one that will work for the most people.

The firmness of a mattress is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, where one is soft, and ten is firm. Most people sleep best on a medium to medium-firm mattress, which is rated between a 5 and 7. At that rating, there’s enough cushioning to make it comfortable, but it's firm enough to offer support.

If you want to get extra fancy, you can buy a mattress that will allow each side to customize the firmness. These tend to be more expensive than non-customizable mattresses. If you do decide on a customizable bed, you’ll probably also need to leave the instruction manual out for your guests.


Usually, you’ll want to replace your mattress every 5 to 10 years. Since the guest bed will be used on an off for many years, it won’t play by the same replacement rules. However, you still want to buy a more durable mattress that lasts longer than comparable beds. Mattresses are a big purchase, and if becomes uncomfortable after a few years, it probably wasn’t worth the money. You’ll want to do your research on the components and read reviews.

When you’re looking at innerspring mattresses, you’ll want to look at the gauge and types of the coils within the mattress to find the best durability. When you’re looking at memory foam and latex foam mattresses, you should look for the top layer of foam to be at least 10 inches to allow the best support. The thicker that top layer, the more weight it can handle over time. When you’re looking at hybrid mattresses, you’ll want to look at both springs and foam design.

The Extras

Grab some nice sheets and a warm comforter that will wash easily at home. You’re going to want to wash it after every guest, so make sure you buy some that will last. Leave some fresh, fluffy towels on top of the dresser so that your guest doesn’t have to go hunting for one when they want to take a shower.

You should also buy a new mattress pad that will soften up a firmer mattress to make sure that everybody can get and stay comfortable. That way, if you have guests who prefer a firmer mattress, all they have to do is pull off the mattress pad to sleep better. 

We often forget some of these really important steps when creating the perfect room for guests.  Thank you Ellie for sharing your expertise.  If you would like to have Ellie answer any more questions for you , you contact her at 

And of course you know where to find us for your design needs, that's why you're here right? We love problem solving and can't wait to help you create your next beautifully functional space! 


Must Haves For A Custom Kitchen

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.42.23 PM.png

Making the decision to re-design your kitchen often starts with an eye soar , but develops into a full fledged plan to get the most for your time , money and energy while in the kitchen. 

We may want the colors to be spot on , but there are so many other details to make your kitchen great. 


Organizational Storage.  

Without organizational storage , why bother? You are so busy , with so many appointments and dates , a kitchen that isn't highly organized and designed for the way you live is not even worth bothering.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.45.46 PM.png


Please remember the lighting,  it changes the entire mood of the kitchen.  Your recessed lights need to be the right size and wattage.  It would be better to go with a higher watt and put the lights on a dimmer so you can control the mood and need for light.  In addition, decorative pendants add additional lighting for using the island and can act as mood lighting when set on a dimmer.  These look beautiful but also serve as a functional use when entertaining. Under cabinet lighting  can be used for additional lighting when performing a certain task , like baking, or making a sandwich. These also can be left on at night so the kitchen is never completely dark. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.53.48 PM.png

Built in Function 

Instead of fumbling around in the pantry for the coffee maker , build it in.  If coffee is your or your spouses go to every day,  set it up the right way.  Design into one of your cabinet spaces.  It will free up the counter and it looks really sleek.  This goes for the refrigerator also,  you will get much more space with a custom fridge and it fits so nicely in a custom designed kitchen if your budget allows for it. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 5.13.52 PM.png


Seating is one of the most important elements in the kitchen.  We have all experienced wanting to have a big family dinner and needing to pull in the office chairs and chairs from other rooms.  Having a plan for the seating will eliminate this.  Banquettes are a great way to achieve this.  There is a lot of room for guests and they look awesome.  You can add chairs as well and you will easily be able to seat 10 or more in a limited space. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 5.43.30 PM.png

5 Reasons to Custom Build

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We have all heard the phrase , dream home right?  What exactly is that? Purchasing a home can be a stressful situation.  All sorts of questions are fluttering around.  Did I make the right choice can I afford this , is this the home for me? Although some of these questions are hard to answer until you have moved in and lived in a home or two, here are some things to consider if building a custom home is for you. 


When building a custom home , the design takes in to account the way you are living and will need to live in the future.  Custom homes are built to modern day codes and efficiency standards.  Energy costs will be significantly less from the beginning vs. tearing out old systems and integrating them in an existing home.  Maintenance costs will also be less as the design  addresses these at the start of the process . 


You can change your home as much as you like, but we all know you cannot change it's location so easily. Building on your existing lot if you love it , can account for positioning of your home to capture the views or the beautiful sun set.  Or if a new lot is the plan , you buy the best location with your needs in mind.  New construction is made for the masses and you will have to be a lot more strategic to get all your must have's in this situation. Custom build in a dream location and then design to meet your specific needs.  An interior designer can be an intricate part of this process, along with your architect and builder.  It's the trifecta that gives the most impact possible for your project.  


Investing in Real Estate is always a good idea.  Selecting a lot and building a custom home with quality materials is definitely a sound investment.  Whether this will become the family home and be passed down for generations or its a 2nd home for vacations.  Real estate over time always proves a wise investment.  


As mentioned previously, a custom home is just that, made for you specifically.  Whether you are extraordinarily tall or short.  An interior designer understands ergonomics and will work with your architect and builder to create something that works for your situation and will also not negatively effect the resale value of your home , should the need ever arise to sell.  Your new custom home will be made for you with you in mind in every nook and cranny. 


This is our favorite part in the process.  As a design team we take all parts of you , your story, your goals and create a design that functions for the way you live, while adding beautiful touches and wow moments along the way.  So every time you walk through the door you see a bit of yourself, a bit of comfort, a bit of wow.