5 Reasons to Custom Build

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We have all heard the phrase , dream home right?  What exactly is that? Purchasing a home can be a stressful situation.  All sorts of questions are fluttering around.  Did I make the right choice can I afford this , is this the home for me? Although some of these questions are hard to answer until you have moved in and lived in a home or two, here are some things to consider if building a custom home is for you. 


When building a custom home , the design takes in to account the way you are living and will need to live in the future.  Custom homes are built to modern day codes and efficiency standards.  Energy costs will be significantly less from the beginning vs. tearing out old systems and integrating them in an existing home.  Maintenance costs will also be less as the design  addresses these at the start of the process . 


You can change your home as much as you like, but we all know you cannot change it's location so easily. Building on your existing lot if you love it , can account for positioning of your home to capture the views or the beautiful sun set.  Or if a new lot is the plan , you buy the best location with your needs in mind.  New construction is made for the masses and you will have to be a lot more strategic to get all your must have's in this situation. Custom build in a dream location and then design to meet your specific needs.  An interior designer can be an intricate part of this process, along with your architect and builder.  It's the trifecta that gives the most impact possible for your project.  


Investing in Real Estate is always a good idea.  Selecting a lot and building a custom home with quality materials is definitely a sound investment.  Whether this will become the family home and be passed down for generations or its a 2nd home for vacations.  Real estate over time always proves a wise investment.  


As mentioned previously, a custom home is just that, made for you specifically.  Whether you are extraordinarily tall or short.  An interior designer understands ergonomics and will work with your architect and builder to create something that works for your situation and will also not negatively effect the resale value of your home , should the need ever arise to sell.  Your new custom home will be made for you with you in mind in every nook and cranny. 


This is our favorite part in the process.  As a design team we take all parts of you , your story, your goals and create a design that functions for the way you live, while adding beautiful touches and wow moments along the way.  So every time you walk through the door you see a bit of yourself, a bit of comfort, a bit of wow.