Persuade them with pillows!

Wow it has been a minute since my last post! I apologize!

I have been dropping my little designer fairy dust on many different locations for your viewing pleasure... I will be posting those projects soon once they are all completed.

A designers work is never done! And very happily so I may add.  I just finished up a video tip series that is being created with West Elm and I cannot wait to show you! Stay tuned for a channel that has so much great stuff it will melt your eyeballs.... just kidding!

You will love it!

Back to the matter at hand ... MY MOST FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD....PILLOWS!.

Why do I love thee...oh let me count the ways....

1. They are awesome

2. They are awesome

3. They are aw.... okay I can get specific if you wish.....

Pillows are single handedly the easiest way to update your look, add color, or pull a look together! If you are afraid of color.... Throw some bright orange pillows on it.... you can experiment and see which ones you can live with... If you get tired of them ... undress them like a baby doll and give them a new outfit! They don't mind and they won't yell or cry about it either! I particularly love doing this around the holidays! This way your sofa or chair doesn't feel left out when you are spending all of your time on the tree or staircase! Sofas need love too!

If you can sit or lay on it.... I will find some way to put a pillow on it....It is like that Beyoncé song..... " If you like it than you shoulda put a PILLOW on it"....

I love this Idea so much that I started a new Pinterest Board ... "Persuade them with Pillows" .....Follow me on Pinterest and Check it out!

Love ya.......and keep working on your Lux Casita!







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