Design Diary

These days , things are fun and fancy free...projects are progressing, decisions being made and each day we are one step closer to getting our clients Design goals accomplished.

On this particular Scottsdale Project the walls are being opened up to show the stunning views this client has in their back yard.  Having open views was very important to this client and will really make a difference in the long run for the function of this home.  The fireplace is being finished and the design is coming together.

When completing a major renovation. It is extremely important to have project management... There are so many minute details that need to be covered and if you are unaware of them , it can be a very tedious and frustrating process for most people

So keep that in mind when you are considering starting a project. A professional team will undoubtedly save you time , money, and frustration.  Not to mention their access to professional grade materials and resources makes all the difference.

Stay tuned for more pics from this beautiful project.... and don't be afraid to ask me questions about your dream would be my pleasure....


Keep dreaming and loving your Lux Casita!




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