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Within the principles of Design pattern is an essential component........ but BE REAL!!!....who cares really?  Patterns and textures are beautiful and they make me smile and if they can do that it can go in my space for sure!

Right about now I am honing in on patterns that I can stare at forever and still love them  and hopefully my clients can too! Right now I am working on a boys room and my first thought was....Yuck! Boys are no fun.....its gonna be blue or red or green or brown. Boring Boring ......snoring.....b-b-b-boring! Then I asked permission to make the space boy, sophisticated, stylish and chic and to my amazement I got a GO FOR IT!

Animal Print Blog # 4.PNG

Okay ....don't have to tell me twice! As I was looking for inspiration, I just started finding spaces that were subtly eclectic and chic! I use those words a lot I noticed... apologies.... in the words of Shrek ....I will look up new words...unless of course I get busy or if I forget.  I think my point is that I was looking for things that said ME but different..... TIMELESS but not Stiff or inflexible....eye catching but not over powering.

In the above image I thought it was masculine and unisex at the same time!  In Design I really like unisex designs. Even a crystal chandelier can be used in a space occupied by the male persuasion with ease! The color palette in this image can really can go in whatever direction you wish! I like it for the jumping point of the boy's room.  Yes it is brown... but I think I can make it not so predictable....

floor coverings.JPG

I LOVE LARGE SCALE PATTERN! Large Scale pattern can really do a lot of the talking for you.  I think large scale pattern is like talking in all caps! In this room there is a limited color palette and patterns are carefully chosen to complement and engage!

Engaging and complementary are friends of a any well designed room.

What is the point you say?  Well I liked these images because they gave me a starting point and inspiration for my design. 

If you are about to tackle one of your spaces you want to do what I do and ask yourself a few questions first.

1. What goal am I trying to accomplish? (By establishing this, it will prevent you from going in directions that you won't like long term. It's something like a mission statement

2. What color scheme do I want to go with? (This sounds like a no brainer... but if you establish this, shopping will be so much easier and so will the rest of your design journey)

3. What is your inspiration?  Find something to model your room after.  It doesn't have to be something you copy per could be just the colors..... it could be a unique mix of patterns.......or even the scale of furniture.  This will also aide when it is time to buy!

4. What is my budget? ( many homeowners make this fatal mistake .....they don't set a budget and they buy without a plan.  This will get you with pieces that don't fit , match or work in your space.  So plan your work and work your plan.)

You're thinking..... hmmm this seems like a lot of work for my do it yourself project... I'd rather just go to the local home improvement store, get some painters tape and supplies and roll with it.  Weeeeellllllllll....... you can do that, however you're results will be more OH.......instead of OOOOOOOOHHHHH  LALA!  What can I say I am a designer first! If it ain't right it just ain't right! (Yes... I said ain' was just necessary)

So there you have it.... four golden tickets to help you have a pretty fantastic space! I'm off to work my plans on this next project and I can't wait to show the progress! Please connect with me on my facebook and twitter communities as I share other golden tickets!

See you soon and enjoy your luxe casita !


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