Attention Last Minute Shoppers

I could be making this up or It could actually be true! That's the beauty of it all, really , its a gamble! Don't be scarred its a  fun one though!  It is so hard to find gifts for loved ones these days.  Gift cards are the most amazing invention ever and I wish I had thought of it , however, what about the warm and fuzzy thoughtful gifts?  What do you get someone who has everything or is picky or .......I don't know,  just insert problem here. 

Some things I came across recently while shopping are blankets! Yes! Yes! Glorious blankets! I love a good blanket! In fact I have a favorite one I got from Pottery Barn and anyone  (including a guest) may spontaneously become injured if they try to use it.  Sorry there is a weird connection there.  Don't nobody talk about Miss Jenkins or mess with my blankey!

Back to the matter at hand...... BLANKETS!  If you choose wisely it will truly be a gift that the receiver will enjoy, use, and think of you and your thoughtfulness often!

The key is picking something that is more neutral and consider weather they have pets or not.  If they have a cat you may want to stay away from something with a really large weave or knit.  Other than that have fun with it.  For your visual pleasure I have included images of blankets that I love and where you can buy them... If you are a last minute shopper like me.... this should be fun and a little less stressful!

After all 'tis the season to be jolly!  For unto us a Child is born and a Son is Given! Awesome! Merry Christmas!


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