Spruce it up by Spring

Its Super Bowl Sunday!

So it seems like two days ago was Christmas, yesterday was New Years, now look tomorrow is Valentines Day! Not literally, but I believe you get where Its going.  This year is a moving!

So what have you done to make your home the relaxing retreat you have been dreaming about since Christmas? Nothing you say?  Well you still have time to "Spruce it up by Spring" by adding color......

Here are some helpful tips to help you along the way.

My clients usually struggle the most with paint colors and selecting tile.  The great news is that changing your paint and your tile is one of the simplest and most cost effective way to really change your home and brighten it up.


This kitchen was spruced up by adding a colorful glass stacked tile to the backsplash and the balance was really shifted by the blue accent wall. 

Want to follow suit? Many of your local retailers offer a variety of glass tiles in a multitude of colors and Benjamin Moore paint offers some great blue hues like the one in the pics. Iceberg, Blue Angel, and Summer Shower, are a few to sample as well as other coordinating colors they carry to create your perfect room.

The great thing about paint color is if you grow tired of it ..... grab another can and try a different one.

You can also cover a an unusual chair in an unexpected color.  This room has timeless details but adding a Versailles chair in green takes it to the next level... The easiest way to  find pieces like this,  is by perusing your local estate sales or thrift stores  where there are countless treasures. The cost to purchase and re-upholster is less than purchasing brand new. e

Its kind of like a gorgeous Easter egg .  Just don't try to boil it or eat ... its for visual pleasure only! I'm certain that was an obvious suggestion, but humorous none-the-less. 

Finally  the 'O so scary color change has been demystified.  Adding one thing with a big enough impact can make all the difference. It doesn't have to cost a fortune and you really can do it!

So go out spruce it up and enjoy your lux casita!

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