My little soap called "The Fun and the Random"

First and foremost let me start by saying I am not admitting that I participate in any form of soap opera watching!! (wink wink) But nonetheless , sometimes I desire to add a little nonsense to mix and just have fun!  I have 3 children and that reminds me to not take myself too serious... nothing is truly that important in the grand scheme.... We live.... we learn..... we love.... We laugh and forgive that's pretty much the gist.  So in my little soap called the "The Fun and the Random"  we explore just that "the fun" and "the random" .  And on a whim I will pass along little chocolate kisses of funny.

Fun is playing tag at the park with kids.... when my only defense is to hide in a place that they can't find me because out running a few teenagers just isn't happening..... and Random is filming a design video with my girl Laurie... If it leaks on the internet.... I will be embarrassed to say the least.... Nothing scandalous... just our weird rantings....or my one page essay on the necessity of emoji cons.  especially the one that looks like a scoop of ice cream.... but we all know what it REALLY is.  

There are a lot of other things in between, but to find that out you will just have to be my friend on instagram, because that is reserved only for the closest of friends.... 

Please tune back in for another episode of...... "The Fun and the Random"  

Where Juaneice talks about why everyone things she's strange which is really code for wonderful! 

Stay Classy! 



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