Summer Renovating

We are definitely smack dab in the middle of the lazy days of summer.  Everyone is using up vacation time, the boss is away and it is play time.  So why would this be considered a good time to renovate? Its the perfect time for all the right reasons. Completing an overhaul on your home is rough on anyone, yet many choose to begin at the busiest times of their lives rather than the slower periods.... 

During summer you want to be away from your house more than ever, with good reason.  Its beautiful outside and you don't want to miss out right?  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  No need to worry no actual birds will be harmed during your renovation, but your home will look wonderful just in time to start your busy season.  

Clear the Bunks!

If you have children an easy way to compensate for the extra munchkins hanging around is to have them attend a summer camp or visit Grandparents.... Grandparents love having the kids for a bit.  And don't worry about the extra cavities they will have for all the sweets they will be eating Hopefully those are their baby teeth and you all can just keep it movin'!!!

Plan ahead of summer trips! 

Weeks Prior to a vacation you can begin the planning process with the design professionals you will be working with and together you can put a plan in place.  This will consist of floor plans, demolition plans, elevations and specifications that will be used to execute your project. 

Once complete and you have signed off then the games can begin and you will be on your way to have a more functional space for you and your family in no time.  

Start small! 

If you are unsure what area to tackle first. Start small.  I would recommend working on the area you would spend the time in the most if it were functioning on all cylinders. Stay concentrated on that project until its all ready to go.... Its like a design check list! 


Here is a small condo we are remodeling the kitchen... This one is great because the owner has a second home to retreat to temporarily while the ugliness occurs...

The cabinets have just been delivered and we are on a mad dash to install, template for the counter and tile to finish this one. 

The owner can come by and check on the progress as desired but doesn't have to deal with the frustrations of a torn up house.  The home will be ready long before the holidays and just in time for next months gourmet cooking club that she runs.. Sweet! 

So there you have it sweet and simple.... Plan your work and work your plan. Don't hesitate to ask us how we can help you get things rolling. 

Relax and enjoy your Lux Casita! 


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