How to Tackle your "Decorating" to do list like a boss!

Or at least that is how my kids would say it.  Tackling any to do list uses basically all of the same principles and ideas.  The key to getting "it" done , whatever the it may be focuses on a very important truth.  Focus on the biggest, bad-est , scariest tasks first.  By tackling the hardest things first you pave the way for project completion at its highest form. 

So let's say,  for example, you are working on completing your dream master bedroom.  Your to do list is as follows:

1. Paint

2. Accessories


4. New Bed

5.Window treatments

Most people would get caught up in the excitement of starting a new project.  The next, most likely, step would be browsing bedding stores and accessory boutiques getting swept away with all the cutest of finds for the day. Unfortunately, this is the most critical of errors that usually will end up costing you more money than you intented to spend as well as leave you with a bunch items that don't really belong anywhere. We've all done it,  and have a bunch of Hodge podgy items that we don't want to get rid of in the event we finally pull it all together.  You never buy the jewelry before the dress!  Unless are glutton for punishment and like roaming the streets for hours, days, weeks on end trying to work backwards.  It just doesn't work.  The correct way to tackle the list would be as follows:

1. Purchase your new "Dream" Bed (Pun intended)

2.Select your color pallet bedding and Drapery  

3. Select the Wall Color  and Paint

4. Organize the room and get rid of things that don't work!

5. Accessories... These are always, always last. 

When you wait to the end to purchase accessories and art, you know exactly what is missing.  Exactly what other colors , textures, etc.. are needed to completed the room.  By purchasing the bed first, you have a very clear direction of the room and your next steps needed to complete.  Studies have shown that by tackling the big ticket item first , it gives you a natural energy boost to complete the task.  So now you know how the "Bosses" do it, so jump in and tackle your to do list just like them!


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