How to re-design on a serious budget

Don't say the B word! Budget!! Budget!! Budget!! It doesn't have to be a bad thing.  Having a few financial restrictions when working on your projects can actually be a good thing.  It forces you to be creative and think about your must haves and things you can live without. 

The mistake that many make is having a limited budget but still wanting everything done like there are millions in the bank.  Compromise is the key. 

A perfect example is when you have a wish list of all your must haves and determine the main pieces you need now and the others you will work toward in the future.   

So here are some important tips on how to design on a serious budget.

1. Start with a Plan .... Having a plan will help you stay focused on how things will look when you are all finished

2. Start Small ..... Sometimes just changing your paint colors or adding a brand new rug can give your room a whole new electricity it has never had before

3. Persuade them with pillows.... Pillows at the right size will make a whole room wake up... Just remember they should vary in sizes.  I prefer pillows to be at least 22-24" and then varying sizes from there. 


4. Plant life is the good life...... Plants bring life and a living energy to any room. Don't have a green thumb? Fake plants have come a long way ... you would be surprised.

Art work budget.PNG

5. Add one well priced statement piece..... Whether it be georgeous and unique drapery or a priceless piece of art... This can take the room from ordinary to extraordinary


These simple tips will help you slowly but certainly pull your space together like a Pro and your keep your home, re-design, and your budget on track!



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