5 things to think about when you work from Home

It is the Digital Age,  a time where telecommuting is more and more popular. 

Worklife balance is so necessary in this day and age. So what is needed to make sure yours or your spouse's work from home experience is a good one?  There are some things to think about when considering this as an option. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 7.44.52 PM.png

Strong internet connection.  This is an absolute must have.  The computer, iPad, wifi world we live in is so crucial to any work situation.   It has to be on point.  Of course I then have to be concerned about the esthetic of it all.  Wires and cords and design can co-exist.  All you have to do is be a little creative.  The Image above is a very stylish way to keep your cords inline.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.05.54 PM.png

Closet.  If you don't have an office.  A closet will often do the trick.  The bigger the better obviously , but a nook of a space will work just great with careful planning and furniture.  You can easily take off the doors and open up a closet or pantry space in the kitchen.  It lacks the quiet and retreat of an office, but its your only option headphones should be a big help.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.09.33 PM.png

Light.  It seems like it is a no-brainer , but the right light is essential for a good work space.  Natural light is always the best option, but if that is not available a lamp that delivers light to your workspace can give you what you need.  A Chandelier no matter how beautiful will not provide the type of light needed for working.  You will need task lighting located directly at your desk.

Privacy.  Privacy to the extent that you can get it will really help you focus.  Because you are at home,  focusing will be difficult if you are surrounded by distractions.  After all if you can't focus on work while you are working from home , the boss will not be too pleased. And we just can't have that!!!



Last but not least  is an inspirational space to do what you do.  Even if it turns out to be the closet, make it the best darn closet in the whole house.   Visual Diary Time!!!! Please see this visual diary of beautifully inspired work spaces.




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