New Year, New Home , New Point of View

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Can't Believe 2018 is already here 1 day down 364 to go to 2019. What are your plans goals dreams for 2018? Decisions , decisions..

Well , this is usually the time that resolutions are made, goals are set, and calendars are marked.  

Its a National reset button day if you will. Personally , I have committed to be more resolute in my faith, with my family, and all things design.  I have so many things planned for this year.  Very excited to share over the next 12 months.  A big goal is to help as many of you as possible have New Homes and a New point of view.  

Your home is a reflection of you and believe it or not can play a very interesting role in how you tackle your days , months, and years.  

Our Team at LACD wants to design a home for you that functions beautifully and delivers the ease and usability we all rely on to make the mundane , more doable. We believe your home should be a place to relax and recharge batteries. If you are a current client of ours you already know it is not good enough for things to be "Pretty". We are working on more than just looks here.  It has to work for you in a multitude of ways.  Some in which, you never knew you needed , but somehow can no longer live without.  Thats where the point of view comes in.  Stuff is just stuff until you use it to get more time out of the day to get to the important things and people that really matter.  

Its a new year , time to plan and make some major changes.  Time to renovate for function, time to upgrade to maximize your time.

Tell us about your 2018 projects. We look forward to working with you.