Work Life Balance

So we are all seeking that beautiful balance between our work life and our home lives. In 2019 that constant pursuit is not only still a foot, but is front and center in just about everyone’s lives. Technology has definitely helped this effort and in some instances hindered it. Good or Bad , right or wrong , we can all agree we have taken advantage of technology and can often admire its usefulness.

On this topic we have engaged previously on working from home , well in some cases that just isn’t possible so then what? That basically means your home away from home needs to be on point, right?


La Casa Azul Design

More and more homeowners and business owners alike are designing their lifestyles around the way they actually live. Spaces are getting more and more creative and conducive to meeting multiple needs , and are providing so much more than just a place to check your emails.

This space needed to function on a variety of levels. A busy Husband and Wife were sharing the space so it needed to have a full bathroom , with shower, a kitchenette, seating for collaboration and meetings, storage for an infinite book collection and 2 separate work spaces. The design challenge here was the unique layout. Maximizing the space, giving the client the wish list and then allowing the room to feel open. The only natural light was coming from two small sky lights so lighting was an absolute must.

Often times the challenge can also lie on the varying design styles of the clients sharing a space , but in this instance each was concerned with the needs of the other , so completing the design on budget and within the scope became the focus.

We call the style of the loft office, “Modern Farmhouse, meets Industrial, meets Mid Century Modern”. There is probably a simpler way to describe it , but where is the fun in that?? Our goal was to provide the client the best options available that met their personal style, so whatever that style is, it usually varies , hence our fun style titles. Talk about a home away from home? Who wouldn’t want to come to work if this was your office?

Great Environments facilitate the opportunity for great results. A great design plan is the first step in a long process that helps achieve those results.

Take a preview of the office below.

office loft- La Casa azul Design

Office Loft - La casa azul deisgn

Office Loft - La casa azul deisgn


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