How many Shades of Shades of Gray

How many Shades of Shades of Gray

Gray and white , versatile neutrals

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Small Kitchen Design

A small kitchen doesn't have to be the end of the world.  You can have a wonderful and well designed kitchen that doesn't take up a whole lot of real-estate.   The Galley style kitchen has been around for a really long time.  If you have a small kitchen don't fret, it is your opportunity to go big on style.  You have less square footage so you really should be able to select a few upgrades that make your kitchen livable and completely loveable. 

As you go through the process be sure to hire a credible and licensed contractor to complete the work.  If you opt for anything else you most likely will regret this choice.  Licensed contractors are going to be more expensive with good reason.  They are professional and have the necessary bonds and education behind them.  If your budget is limited... its okay.... Plan and save for a bit and you will be able to have your dream kitchen in no time. 

A Designer is great to use to help you with the renovation as they will be paramount in space planning, color, finishing and fixture selection. 

In the above kitchen example , everything is very linear.  Even if this is not your style. You still benefit from a kitchen plan that can work in a narrow space. 

So maximize the space you have and let's get busy making your small space really work for you.