I want a Luscious Living Room

Want a luscious room?  Not sure how to get it? It is basic and beautifully simple.

Layering is the easiest way to make something luscious and lovely.  Think simple outfit and how adding accessories changes the game.  A black dress looks amazing alone right?  Layer it with hair, superb make-up, jewels, shoes, a shawl and you have a winner, winner chicken dinner!

It is the same with interior design my friends...  A basic room with a sofa table and chairs needs the same TLC as a your little black party dress... or suit for the gents out there. 


This living room is a perfect example of layering done so well it hurts.  Although the color palette is limited, the use of texture, balance and scale takes it to where it needs to go. 

You notice the books, candles, flowers, and multiple sources of light makes this room fit function and form.  This luscious living is versatile in that it works for a busy family and is still formal enough to entertain company beautifully. 

The rustic weathered coffee table is the perfect juxtaposition to the dark shiny wood table and outlined occasional chair.  Balance,  my friend, is a beautiful thing right? Don't be afraid to mix woods and materials it makes the home not be cookie cutter and predictable. Don't worry if you are afraid, we can help, its kind of what we do. 



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