It all begins with you , our valued clients. We can't have our story without your story.  This is our most favorite part of the design process..........taking your life , your goals , dreams , experiences and using that to design a home that reflects all of these things. After all,  this will be your home and your story will continue to be molded in your new home(s). 

With years of experience bringing beautiful interiors that work for the way you live , our focus is to partner with you and bring your ideas to life.  Our passion for our amazing clients and creating remarkable spaces for you, your family and friends is the fuel that keeps the creativity going.  In other words you inspire us! 

Founded in 2011, by Principal Designer Juaneice Munoz, La Casa Azul Design is bringing award winning design to its clientele.  In the belief that we must strike a fine balance and create an interior that reflects the way you live. We believe each home has untapped potential,  so we use design principals and the fine balance between art and science to create the finished product.  Having worked with professional athletes,  executives , and entrepreneurs , our team works hard to meet our client's changing needs and places a high value on increased well being and perspective in design.

Juaneice gathers inspiration from nature, as the creation has some of the most exquisitely and carefully designed art,  and natural beauty. Her globe trotting and love of new experiences also provides a wonderful insight to projects.  She is committed to excellence and applying her diverse skills to each project for local and national clientele. It's the perfect marriage that blends her years of experience in custom building, renovating and design with the clients wish lists and needs.

When Juaneice is not working with clients you can find her spending time with her family, practicing to win the ultimate "uno" card championship against the kids and reading non-fiction as of late.   Thank you for stopping in.  We appreciate you and can't wait to hear about your needs and future plans. 


What is done in love ......is done well.
— Vincent Van Gogh
Principal designer , juaneice munoz 

Principal designer , juaneice munoz 

“Stellar, professional service.”

Juaneice is very professional and a joy to work with. She answered all of my questions and gave us a lovely home. . 

— K.M

“The details!”

They say that you know who is in the details.  This is so true. Our custom home had so many moving parts.  When problems arose Juaneice was there to address them and work with us on the solution.  

— S.L.