A Place of refuge or safety . 

Your home should be your sanctuary a place of refuge from the outside world.  Design should never stand in the way of the way you live day to day.  Good design tells a story , it is simple , yet timeless.  It draws you in and invites you to stay a while. 


What our clients say...

Understated Elegance .

“We wanted a home that was elegant and comfortable.  That is exactly what we received.  We now understand that a designer does more than pick pretty things. They embrace your history, your memories, the life of the home and make it welcoming and peaceful. 

— T.Z.

Problem Solver!

“We didn't realize it at first, but we were only using part of our home.  It was amazing what a conversation and a floor plan showed us.  It solved several functionality issues we were having with our older parents and younger children using our home.   The new design really cut to the heart of how we want to live. 

— L.N.

Retreat .

“Our home has been re-designed and it has benefited our well being and lifestyle.  Its a retreat and works the way we need it.  

— A.M.




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