Welcome to the best blog you've ever read!

Ok ok.... I may be overstating that it is the best blog you've ever read....maybe it is the the second or third.... fourth tops..... Well hopefully you will like is so much that it will no longer need to be ranked. It will just be like a soap opera, with a little less drama, but where you none- the- less have to tune in to see whats going on next.

Well....to tell you a little about myself I could just be lazy and say read the about section! Let's be honest that section is really boring and too professional for this second or third or fourth place blog! I am professional, but I am also silly and giddy... oh and very fashionable. Fashionista, in fact, was my old nick name at my last job. It was a title that I shrugged off publicly, wore proudly secretly, and was made fun of for relentlessly by the hubs! So now that I own my own Design Firm I can talk about it like it was back in my glory days from the safety and security of my keyboard.

Now to the real point..... I started this blog to share with you all the great things that I love so much about design as I discover them, my experiences and whatever else I can think of that my little sausages (fingers) can type.

Right now I am super excited as business grows and I continue to meet new people I will be partnering with west elm and sharing best practices from a designer perspective. You will be seeing a video of me soon talking about this:) Can't wait until its all done and edited showing only my good side for your viewing pleasure!

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