5 reasons you need a designer

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1. They're experts

Interior Design is a balance of art and science.... other professionals like lawyers and architects get an education to hone their craft and so do we!

2. Save Time

A Designer knows what to do and when to do. Typical homeowner goes shopping wherever is close and spends counless hours looking for something they will never find at their local retailer!

3. Save Money

Yes I said it! Save you money.... the time and engery you spend trying to find things that aren't available to the general public is worth money and the most unaccounted part is the high, high retail mark-up that the general consumer is required to pay.

4. Don't make costly mistakes

The average homeowner spends up to two times as much on furniture and home remodeling projects gone wrong. They have to re-purchase furniture that won't withstand the test of time or purchase items that never come together properly.

5. Refine your ideas!

Designers are not there to take over your space! We are here to take your ideas and make them the best they can possibly be.  Ever see a model home and say "why didn't I think of that?" or "Where on earth did they find that?" Well Designers have access to hundreds if not thousands :) of resources that the general public does not....So use us and benefit from our expertise and you will win !

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