Simply Beautiful

"Simplicity Provides a fine line between eloquence and plainness."  I live by these words as I approach design and more and more as I approach my life and achieving my life's goals.  Or like the hubby always says,  "KISS.... Keep it stupid simple".  I prefer mine OF COURSE, but whatever floats your boat , right? 

Life will throw you a million curve balls and over complication adds up to a million more.  As I am working with my clients on their various design projects they all have varying needs but one of the most common things.... in fact I hear it every time is......," I just want my home to be comfortable! "   Really okay great! Here is a big fuzzy blanket.... bye bye now!  Ok maybe that is a little too simple.  I usually say perfect... you are in good hands because I hate uncomfortable too!  As I am approaching a project I think function, then form.  Yes believe it or not designers care about function, because lets face it , no one cares about a museum that only special guests visit once a year.  Today's homeowner wants it all.  They want a simply beautiful space, a good value and multifunction rolled into one pretty package.. Sounds reasonable right?  I think so...

I like to think of fruit! Huh you say?  Whatever do you mean?  Let me explain.  Take an orange for instance... It has color, texture, and scale (3 design principles) but the peel also has function! It keeps the juicy fruit inside safe from harm!

So it can be done people. When you approach your next project do 3 things!

1. Buy what you love!

2. Leave out what you are questioning!

3. Keep it simple!

and you will have a home that is simply beautiful!

Love ya,

keep enjoying your Lux Casita


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