What's happening in my "design hood"

Hey everyone! 

I know I say this all the time, but I am a busy little be.  I have been exploring my beautiful surroundings and making things happen.  

I recently participated in the progressive showroom tour at the Laguna Design Center I received a nice little honorable mention in Modern Luxury's Rivera Magazine... Woot! 

I love Orange County! Don't worry Los Angeles County I love you too and have been spreading my design fairy dust over there as well.  California is a bear .... in a good way...maybe that is why there is picture of a bear on the state flag?  I know I know that was so funny you are in extreme awe of my amazing whit. wink.. wink.

As we are preparing for fall we know for you that it means, school, holidays and basically chaos.  We plan on posting so much more on tips to not just help you get by...... but master it like a boss! So stay tuned as we will be sharing all our best advice..... great design ideas.... best finds of the week, recipes, and anything we think you will love!


Sit back relax and enjoy your lux casita



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