Summer Design Trends

Redesigning your home for the summer is really trending at the moment.  Blues and Greens are available everywhere and nods to nautical and beach themes are abundant. 

Where does one begin and what to do if blue is not your most all time favorite color?

Ironically this company is called the "The Blue House Design" in Spanish yet I literally never even mention blue to the clients from the jump!  

La Casa Azul's design perspective is about timeless design.  A design that can be moved from room to room , mixed and matched as needed.  This cannot be done if all the walls, sofas, rugs, and lamps are all bright yellow! You can have all the "statement" pieces your heart desires , but correctly placed and to  scale is key. 

Quality trumps everything.  If it's too expensive , wait on it.  Remember buy it cheap , buy it again.  

So if blue and green , is not your thing, then go elsewhere my friends!

Neutrals like , tans, whites, and gray scan create a foggy day at the beach vibe.  Surprise, surprise even black can be used for a beach theme.  Think black beach glass , pebbles and boat docs. 

With a bit of bold thinking you can have a beach theme room that is a nod to beach and no bottles of sand or sea shells required.



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