3 Things to Do before Summer Ends

It is really hot outside  and I'm really feeling it lately even with me living right next to the beach.

Before summer ends and we drag out the sweaters and boots, lets do some fun things to celebrate this grand time of year we have. 


1.  Have a Summer Dinner Party - Grab some of your friends and family and have a goodbye to summer party.  Nothing like a gathering with good food, good friends, and good times. 

2.  Take a summer boat ride.  Get to the nearest mass of water and hop on board.  Bring the family or make it a romantic trip.  Taking a boat tour can be a really relaxing and memorable experience

3. Create a signature summer Drink! And don't worry you can create something sans alcohol soeveryone can enjoy it and this drink can travel no problem.  All kinds of beautiful fruit is available this time of year so pick some and create it. 



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