Designing to Inspire

Creating a lively space that is easily utilized for kids , yet sophisticated enough for mom to love can be a challenge.  LACD was approached to create this space by a previous client of ours and we were thrilled to take on the challenge.  This little girls room needed some life.  Previously it had boring beige walls and just looked like a typical track home.   This home was a real challenge because the client was leasing the home and only wanted to invest in things that they could take with them when they move.  So right away the design needed to be budget conscience and portable.  We decided to paint the walls because it was a simple and inexpensive way to bring life to the room.  

We then began on a plan of mix and matching to make the room elegant and chic.  We had some custom pillows custom made and some came from Walmart.  We took to the design center,  as well as, Homegoods and small boutiques to find the perfect balance and give it a designer's touch.  Everything in the room can move with them.  My client understood that life is happening now and putting off having a space that inspires you to think, create, and live wasn't going to cut it.  Leasing or not.  Everyone, especially the little girl, were pleased.

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